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tv   [untitled]    April 17, 2013 1:00am-1:30am PDT

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time madalinas our case is 60 not 90 hours we're trying to truly shape that demand to the different spots and the other main difference is with our recommendation that is a form of laefs. where the current permits are given away in the industry who were omitted from the list. so this is not included in our counter recommendation >> so there's two separate issues one is your recommendation is to expand the size of the fleet to meet demand and that could include part time madalinas or not. >> so if there was uptake for
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the part time. >> and as to the means to do it you're relating a direct lease to the companies with all the revenues coming to mtas not a single operator. >> i didn't follow the last - and as the single operator is a revenue benefit to the mta because we're giving away the permit value to the operator and so our recommendation. >> it's obviously not the same lease as leasing a madalinas. >> the recommendation is to lease the madalinas to the drivers not to the companies. >> but there 0 we would reck
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that the city has more limited revenues. >> the recommendation is that there is value there that is associated with the permit to operate. >> and you haven't recommended a price for that you've left that for later discussion. >> i think after the report we have more information but there's no observable price right now. >> there's an auction but you don't want a fixed price for the reasons we've talked about before. the final question it and i suggest we talk about this a little bit. there's no goes at the house. this is the problem. people are calling hoover because they have the guaranteed
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system or the system they're going to show up. so the third thing we've talked about in this sort of four step process and meeting the number of cabs is building in some kind of registration. i'm saying this is something i've going to advocate and push for. i'd like to get your thoughts on that and mayor the plan to put something like that in place wouldn't change our recommendation as far as fleet size >> we do anticipate something along those lines it rebuilds trust to be able to make a deposit. >> also to not only make sure to have a deposit but benefit for the driver to pick up the
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fair. >> totally agree. >> i'm done with questions for now. >> thank you, judge. >> one question we've been - first of all, thank you for a great report doctor. and a lot of people put a lot of effort into that it was great to see a lot of people at the town hall meeting. i want to ask about in terms of the other tasks you're going to get about the gate fees what's the timeline on that. i know that the second part of nike question is why make this decision today when we have those upcoming pieces today. this was supposed to have this
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stand alone without the recommendations >> even if you the nothing else i need more taxis as soon as possible. people deserve that choice because it takes longer to get out you've got to train the drivers, theirs clearing processes geogetting the vehicles together and mark. we saw how long it took the last two hundred to get out on the road. the sooner the better >> and then the timeline piece of it when can we expect to see the other part of this. >> boo the meter rates and the gate fee issue. we're hoping to have that out in
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4 to 6 weeks but whatever it is there it won't change the need you might argue it would change the - we need the timeline like yesterday. >> in that 4 to 6 weeks is that going to be - and you have to see how the taxi will be paid for. in part that case needs to be quick we can do it quick or closing slow in terms of interest we need to - looked like i i'd like to get it done as quickly as possible but in terms of a timeframe the
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goalposts next is getting out the gate fee and the meter report >> thank you and thank you, dr. for the report as well. i join my colleagues in thanking you. a couple of things. first in the southern part of the city is a lack of service and my certain is with the current taxis we have it seems like they serve the northern part. i'm not so convinced it seems like half the city is a left out all the time. i've seen that at the university in san francisco it takes a long time to get a taxi.
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even with the proposal will it increase the service level of taxis so that's why a lot of taxis can come mere and improve the city >> whether with 6 hundred more techniques we ultimately have the level of service we would like to see the 15 minute dispatch will reveal itself in terms of reference we looked at zones and with new technology we can where a taxi is and license it to be in certain places. none of the neighborhoods outside the corridor are being
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serviced. we expect to lay the foundation for using modern technology so i knowed have options. and then my second question is back to the directors question is the increase of the madalinas. and this is on the budget impact of shifting the pricing of the madalinas. i was looking through my comprehensive budget and what will be the impact to the raw budget? >> up until this point we haven't, you know, decided how many of the madalinas would be when we set a price we didn't
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know maybe every 10 we use the impact would be this. the math is if we were to secure authorization to get 1 hundred would be times 3 hundred thousand or so. that's the budget impact our if you recall when we were developing the two year budget we're conservative we didn't know where this process was going to go. so the question is the recommendation from 2 to 3 hundred would it yeast a revenue problem? no, i think we have a low enough 0 number we won't create a hole in the budget.
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we are looking a little to the long-term and we're feeling more comfortable thank you $250,000 level for the long term to see what the uptake is and to see how the dynamics of the industry how it will change. we thought we had a comfortable margin and put it on indexing he feel comfortable with the downward adjust and again, i don't think it will have any budget impacts. assuming we move forward with this whatever level we set will set the expectations thought he
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- next year's price. >> how about the madalinas reduction in price. >> part of the logic was based on 50 percent discount. we had a little bit of discussion about that, too. i thought we needed to bring it down to get a down payment >> we did and we're taking it down to two hundred and 50 thousand but it's still million dollars to the agencies. so certainly the board has the discretion to adjust this remedies. >> we felt that having the 50
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percent value so therefore if we're going to reduce the madalinas price. >> we're still in a position where folks are going to have no down payment to get their madalinas. >> i believe the reduced price can be done without down payment. >> that's going to be my next question. >> thank you. thank you doctor. i jousted reading this report. i feel like i learned more about your taxi industry. i want to or just get a little bit more information about the idea of the direct leasing. i focused on recommendation 6 which protects the drivers from
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lease fees. i always every time i'm reminded of the broker situation i feel it's really taking advantage of the industry we currently have and taking advantage of the drivers in particular. the direct leasing is it your recommendation to qualifyed drivers or color scheme >> we recommend that drivers if they're able to take it up they can get the option and now will that direct leasing to qualified drivers is that a way to get rid of that broker situation or the fact that we have some pre k permits all washed out. it will help in all cases your giving one party in a private
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traction on option to walk out the door. >> on an enforcement basis i can't spy on every traction a taxi is a mobile. the kind of police you need is very tough. if you're selling eggs for one price no one can beat you >> the single operator peak madalinas it's right now at 90 hours we are to reduce it to 60 hours. the 90 hours is one driver covering that? >> it's a 10 adheres max in line good pursuance. in top of that there's a give
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back you're not going to - we're rewarding people who have driven long hours already. >> so that single operator permit is one operator, one driver and now you're speaking to chris's? >> i want to distinguish what we're having in place a senior operating permit because it was given to taxi drivers in order of their a card seniority for the purpose to allow individuals to maintain a certain amount of shifts and it is not a classic model that well, there's no classic model of a single permit
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because it's a rare type of you arrangement. the single permit risks you face are the full-time expenses. one of the risks is somebody become i will and not been able to make they're driving income and not been able to make the payments on the capital investment. we added the ability for those senior drivers to make arrangements to have other drivers assist them if they neat that car to think driven. also the senior operator permits don't have a 90 adhere minimum
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and a 40 hour maximum and that's again, the qualified or - we knew there might be a tag team effort here. so as i indicated in the staff report we put those out there not ongoing how this would outline shape out and at the end of the day the companies were offering senior operator packages so the operator could have the companies schedule additional drivers but invasion to that the surprise to us the package included a thousand dollars a month to single
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operators. so we clautdz and we over estimated the number of adheres that's made a economically feasible. it's not the classic operator permit in the doctors study >> by adopting today, we won't determine the adhere for the single operator? >> couple of times i want to voice out wasn't that i believe in a free enterprise system you create the best mousetrap. the longer you wait the longer it will be harder to get money
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back. the other southern is if we issue the cabs and they go back down to the hotels and airport will we really serve the community? we have to come up with a dispatch central service. i was surprised and impressed with your report. i know i have to ask you a question. if anyone at the mta tell you how many cabs to recommend? >> i recommended 50 percent we were a little bit taking our day diligence time to make sure we understood what was going on before we stepped forward and, of course, people wanted our report so we worked ahead on one
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part and still waiting for the drivers survey to come in. we did issue earliest the same numbers we issued our numbers for their advanced knowledge. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, chairman i agree with everything that's been brought up. i thank the from for his great leadership and all the industry that participated in this. and for the great report. it certainly taught me a few things. i think that specifically i'm really interested in the idea of the fact that all the
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distribution it's clear we need more cabs out there. we know that a lot of of us have a assumption if there was not a need through won't be a need and there's a need here. i want to talk about the need of at any point it's clear it's happening with the drivers. it breaks my heart frankly to see that the drivers who are working so hard aren't even making a living wage sometimes and are servicing without benefits. i see cabs driving way two too
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fast and that person is hoourg. the at any point is having an effect and you guys are not happy. it's going to be imperative for us to succeed. yes, it's great we're a city organization i support the intelligence with complications and understanding whose picking you up but at the same time, we have a track record and we must - i know myself if i say the 3 different services we talked
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about today i'd jump into the standardized cab because i know they're regulated. we want to create a sustainable industry that allows people to thrive. i appreciate your comments chairman nolan and i certainly am looking forward to the rest of the work 80 so we can provided the drivers more than anything else a comfortable lifestyle that will make our city more attractive >> this resolution give us the authority to issue up to a one hundred and 20 this year.
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what did you have in mind. i think at any time a urban stable condition right now in the industry could you comment on 2014 >> yeah, it's a good question and first of all, if you authorizes a hundred and 20 it won't be possible tomorrow. it takes a minute. so i think that gradual approach is something that doctor is relating you need to kind of ability back the confidence of the san franciscans we have to grow the market as he said.
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one thing that's going to help us a lot is that we'll have much better data in the future that you once we have all of this data we'll have a good picture of the existing demand 3r we'll recall some of those statistics of how many people would take taxis if they had the confidence it was going to get them home. even the data we have won't speak to the latent demand. but we'll be learning each day in terms of where the market will be. as we build public convinces in
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the taxi system the other inregulated vehicles will be at an comparable disadvantages. so as the survey showed you and the doctor said that people would rather be in a san francisco taxi cab. so if we can address that and having more taxis is critical as part of that. the short answer is we will have data to demonstrate that or not and we're not kneeling alternative taxis anti on the street again, the remedies is to
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do this in a measurable way >> you're very good at reporting to us what's going on. but at some point down the road when we have apps and all that enforcement to take another look at it. >> urge talking about the recommendation. >> well, the report was really to start the need for conversation when we start increasing the number of taxis on the street because the gap between what we have and what we should have is so great.
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however, at a minimum i would report to the board if you want to schedule a more formal kind of check hearing in january once we would have some of them out on the street and whatever format wee would work for you >> i'd feel more comfortable towards 2013 come back and is oh, this or that is working. i think i definitely heard some of the comments here depending upon what they do we may have to do - i definitely appreciate the airport and fta togethe


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